Students at the SOLVE !T Conference

Davis School District 

Farmington High School Utah


Share your amazing projects! 

Looks great on college applications!

Put your school on the map


On Day 1 of the conference Student & Teacher teams will present their problem based learning projects. Open to all grades K-12



Meet other Students

SOLVE !T is a national conference. This is a great opportunity to connect with other problem solving students. You will also learn about how other students are using problem based learning to solve real-world problems. 

Meet other Students

Connect with students from across the country!

Go to Lagoon

Attend a science and engineering day at an amusement park!

Lab Day at Lagoon Amusement Park 

On Day 2 of the conference while teachers attend breakout sessions, students will attend a science and engineering day at the Lagoon amusement park. Learning has never been more fun!